Zombocalypse: Play Free Online Flash Games

An uncommon powers helicopter slammed amid an apparently normal reconnaissance mission. Yet, nothing in a decent diversion is ever normal! You are the sole overcome of the accident and now need to take on swarms of attackingĀ Zombocalypse. A basic blade is all you need to endure. The more zombies you murder, the more experience you procure, accordingly increasing your characters details. Purchase many new weapons and update them through the span of your voyage. Give the gore a chance to start!

Survival is vain, the end has quite recently started! Enter a prophetically catastrophic world loaded with rampaging zombies and prepare your weapons to battle high-end 3D zombie shooter stage with nitty gritty evisceration and carnage. The ongoing interaction can be exemplary side-looking over shooter of full included third individual shooter. You can join both camera sees in one game.r survival.

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