Truck Wars

Truck Wars: Play Free Online Flash Games

Truck Wars is a decent slope dashing truck diversion with redesigns and stuff. The ongoing interaction is great. We can customize our Truck and give them our very own style. The objective is to achieve the end goal in first spot and pulverize other trucks.

Choose your most loved four-wheel war machine to race over the most stunning territory performing outrageous tricks! Complete dimensions by winning races, annihilating different trucks and keeping away from the police. Addition the favorable position over rivals by harming their vehicles with your weapon and utilizing nitro, which is earned by doing flips. Modify your truck as you open new plans, weapons, defensive layer and wheels!

Apparatus up and pick your most loved four wheel war machine to race over the most out of control landscape performing extraordinary tricks! Jump in the drivers situate and out play out the various racers by devastating them. Remember to press the Z catch when bouncing exit ramps to increase huge air!

Customize your truck with defensive layer, weapons, haggles, and take it to war. Annihilation your rivals in the race with your weapons, nitro, and above all else driving skills.The war of indestructible, beast trucks has started! Get behind the beast haggle different trucks. They should bow to your compelling truck or they ought to be expelled from the historical backdrop of truck-kind.

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