Stake Your Claim

Stake Your Claim: Play Free Online Flash Games

Claim a more area than your adversary to win. Encompass totally a zone of the guide to catch it and win another turn. Demonstrate that your claim is more significant than your adversary’s one.In Stake Your Claim you get the chance to imitate a lord that is eager to have as much land as he can get. You will likely claim a more area than your lord adversary.

You do that by tapping on a free space on the guide and there an obstruction will rise. Attempt to be the last one to close with his hindrance the shaped area. Remember that the gold mines worth much more than typical fields. You can begin to claim your domain when the sundial is your ally. Glad claiming!


Plant tree lines, find mountain ranges and develop tower lined manor dividers to invigorate your property and claim it as your very own before your adversary can beat you to it.Enter the harsh and tumble universe of Westward, where gold is ready and waiting and crooks hide around each turn. Control the fortunes of three immeasurably unique towns as they ascend from the residue of the outskirts and develop into flourishing boomtowns.

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