Infinity Inc

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Venture into the time where human cloning is conceivable with a squint of an eye. Explain astounds by cloning yourself a thousand times over in Infinity Inc.Use the Nuclear Cloning Gun and clone yourself to help sort out what occurred in this logical facility.Sci-fi bewilder platformed amusement. Discover a clone firearm, make your own clones and conquer dreadful snares by obliterating them!You are distant from everyone else, clearly the main left after an incident happened at the mystery Infinity Inc. You know must discover an exit plan the huge building promptly. In any case, ahead there is as yet a long and unsafe way, which is cleared with fatal devices. Utilize the clone weapon to recreate yourself as you penance your clones to pass all threat inside the Infinity Inc.

Infinity Inc Online Games

Infinity Inc Online Games

Infinity Inc., the immense enterprise in which you are utilized, has made an enormous disclosure: a firearm with which you can clone any item. Be that as it may, the circumstance has totally deteriorated when the sacred standard has been broken: never clone yourself or another human! To keep carnage from spreading to the outside, the building was secure and your solitary shot of survival presently is to utilize the clone weapon to maintain a strategic distance from the numerous entanglements (laser boundaries, rotating saws, … ). An energizing stage amusement with a one of a kind and unique idea.


You are only an ordinary agent working for an innovation organization, when the organization you worked for built up a model cloning firearm that made it conceivable to clone anything like a flash. Anyway you ought to never clone yourself, or other individuals. Lamentably you weren’t focusing on the directions and “incidentally” cloned yourself. Things left hand bringing about a war among clones and your office mates. When it finished, just a single was left alive: you. Escape the workplace by indeed cloning yourself and murdering your clone just to explain the riddles. Infinity Inc is a retro style stage diversion with a one of a kind plot and a much progressively one of a kind amusement play.

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