Absorbed: Free to Play Absorbed Online Games

At some point, amid a great science test, you were sucked into an entryway. Presently, you should return to your own measurement utilizing the Absorption Cannon! During a science analyze you got sucked into a gateway. Presently, you should utilize the Absorption Cannon and return to your measurement!

Absorbed Online Games

Absorbed Online Games

Absorbed is a 2D arcade stage running game and you can appreciate it for opportunity got sucked into an entrance amid a science analysis. You currently need to discover a path how to return to your measurement with the assistance of a weapon called Absorption Cannon! Utilize your bolts to move. Go for any article and hold X/K to ingest it, at that point press X/K again to shoot it. Utilize the Absorption Cannon to move boxes and different things to achieve zones of the guide. Shoot the absorbed things at adversary animals to execute them. In the event that you pass on, you will re-produce at the most recent checkpoint.


In Absorbed, after a science analyze turned out badly, you got sucked into an alternate measurement by an entryway. Presently you should utilize your Absorption Cannon to move articles and figure a way back.It all began with one researcher testing in his lab. He approached you to attempt it. You absorbed a few things and after that all of a sudden a blast happened. A dark entire showed up and brought you some place obscure. Proceed thusly and you may return to where you originated from.

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